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Theophilus Mog – Chapter Ten

I call this chapter, ‘It Doesn’t Get Any Worse.’

Most lives of Theophilus Mog seem to follow certain unwritten rules. These are the rules oh is essence. One of them is that usually he is never any good with the opposite sex. This is one of the stories that didn’t follow that rule.

Tomo and Kai didn’t feel chinky. But everyone insisted they were. So they decided to become cool. The easiest way available to them was to rock out like the guys on MTV. They were cool. Everyone knew that. None of them knew anything about music though so they became rappers.

Tanya and Sonya weren’t really sisters. Hell yeah. I know what you’re thinking. But everyone thought they were becuase they looked the same. They got really pissed off about that and so they started a band. Tany aplyed the drums and Sonia sang and played acoustic guitar. Well, she held the acoutics guitar, never changed chords and pulled a few strings. But if it was good enough for Bob Dylan, it was good enough for her.

Tomo and Kai took prerecorded beats that they had ripped off the internet but claimed as their own and started performing on street corners. Their song, “Jack, jack, heart attack” even got the audience to interact. The boys would say, jack, jack and the audience would get a heart atatck.

Tanya and Sonya started playing in open mic sessions and people quite liked them. Their best song was called, This is the boat of dreams and we’re all singing, raised a few eyebrows especially with its anti-establishment lyrics like “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Stop, look, around, it’s a dream.”

No one liked Tomo and Kai. Mainly because they sucked.

The two groups never met. Yeah, Theophilus Mog was never any good with the ladies. I was lying.


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